Things to Consider

Business Experience

As a successful Entrepreuer I have been involved with twelve companies since 1991 and created over a hundred net new jobs.    In the past year I have started four companies and have created employment in one of the toughest business climates in my lifetime.   My linkedin profile will give you more information.

Making Things Happen

After three years of Rachel Notley and the NDP running Alberta, we are all challenged.   I am known for being able to look through difficulty and get things done.    After the last election I had a two year contract with Thermal Systems running the SBS division.   Thermal is in the construction industry and during my time at Thermal the business climate was "challenging".  

Despite the business climate, my division not only led the company in growth - we innovated, created new products and expanded into new markets.   After two years the SBS division had double the staff, had industry leading products, a patent pending with my name on it, and a successful transition to my replacement.   I am known as an individual that makes things happen.

This example is a microcosm of what my career has been about.   It is also an example of what I will be able to accomplish as your MLA 

Hard Worker

I am recognized by those around me as a very hard worker and  many would say …. tenacious.    I believe this comes from loving what I do, whatever I am doing - from tinkering on a motobike to putting a company acquisition together.   The principles that have helped me to succeed in business include, maximizing strengths while at the same time identifying and minimizing your weaknesses.  I have found that managing relationships is one of the most complex and challenging part of any business. Every person I have ever worked with is unique, and "one size does not fit all".  Adjusting to the different needs of individuals and compromising to fit varying circumstances has done me well.  

People I have worked with know that I am going to work hard and be fair.  I look at some of the outstanding MLAs in this province and know that they work hard and adjust to accomodate many differing opinion.  My work ethic, ability to make decisions and accommodating nature will make things happen for the citizens of Banff-Kananaskis.

Political Experience

At one time I thought that my successful Entreprenurial backround was enough for politics, it was not!    My first attempt at pubic service in 2013 taught me that while my business background was substantial, there are many things in political life that are different. I have been involved with politics for seven years and each year I learn more.   I continue to believe that business experience is an asset and that knowing the inner workings of politics is critical to getting things done.   My past experience running for MP and MLA, being a Constituency President, my board involvement in the UCP/Wildrose and work on the UCP merger will be incredibly useful in the role as your MLA.

This Consituency is My Home

I have lived in this Constituency since 1991, my wife's family trace their roots in this area all the way back to the 1880s.   I care deeply about this area, Alberta and Canada.   This is a great country!

Where I Sit on Issues

I have learned from experience that politics is a team sport.   

As a team member you need to work hard and pull your weight for the team.  With political issues, I believe it is important to understand all angles of the issue and do your homework.  Having alternate opinions is great and promotes good debate, however at the end of the day everyone needs to come to a consensus to get things done and this requires a great deal of listening and superior negotiating skills.   The UCP has a platform and I am well aligned.    When individual issues will come up and I approach things from core principals: listen - "it's bigger than you", fiscal responsibility, free enterprise, strong family values, equality of rights, and small more efficient government.   

As an example of how I  apply this:  I have hired hundreds of employees over the years as a equal opportunity employer - race, religion, gender represent Canada's workforce   Having motivated and well qualified people is "Job One".   I have learned that qualified individuals with workplace satisfaction and self worth, create value and make things happen.   I am an individual that thrives on teams that get things done!